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Fine quality jewellery: necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, pendants and precious stones

Dear visitor of our website, are you looking for something special? In our gallery you can find a small treasure trove with affordable jewellery, fine art and funny craft. To give you an impression, on this website you find a small selection of what you can expect in our gallery. Click on the item that might interest you and get an example of our exclusive offers. Visit our gallery in Rotterdam, a hidden gem in the particularly attractive surroundings in the center of Rotterdam. Enjoy the atmosphere of these totally different surroundings. You will get the feeling of being on holiday. When you want to buy something from our gallery you have to see in kind the natural colours of the dazzling gemstones as well as from our superb collection necklaces and bracelets of faceted natural precious stones.
It is our intention to make our website in the future multi-lingual. For the present we limit ourselves to Dutch or English. Our jewellery collection is in English and our art collection is in Dutch.
I am looking forward to your visit in our gallery, Niena Ngamnet, manager.